• Allison Lewin, LMSW
    Allison Lewin, LMSWKIP Senior Fellow

    Addictions, Eating Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, and Health and Nutrition

  • James Robinson, LMSW
    James Robinson, LMSWKIP Senior Fellow, Supervisor, & Communications Coordinator

    Substance Abuse, Artists, Creative Blocks, Relationships, Aging, Depression, Grief and Loss

  • Negar Morshedian, M.A., Ed.M., LMHC
    Negar Morshedian, M.A., Ed.M., LMHCKIP Associate Clinician, Supervisor, & Program Coordinator

    Relationships, Sexuality, Cultural and Ethnic Identities, Immigration, and Trauma

  • Nick Fager, M.A., Ed.M., MHC-LP
    Nick Fager, M.A., Ed.M., MHC-LPKIP Senior Fellow & LGBTQ Division Coordinator

    LGBTQ, Sexual and Gender Identity, Emotion Focused Treatment, Anxiety, Depression, Sexuality, Substance Abuse, and HIV related issues.


  • Megan Murphy, M.A., Ed.M., MHC-LP
    Megan Murphy, M.A., Ed.M., MHC-LPKIP Fellow

    LGBTQ, Spirituality, Perfectionism, Couples, Meditation and Mindfulness, Addictions, and 12-Step Recovery

  • Nicholas Rysyk, LMSW
    Nicholas Rysyk, LMSWKIP Fellow

    LGBTQ, Sexual and Gender Identity, Couples, Addictions, and Substance Abuse

  • Michael Clemens, LMSW
    Michael Clemens, LMSWKIP Fellow

    Substance Use and Abuse, Addiction, Recovery, LGBTQ, HIV Related Issues and Financial Services Professionals.

  • Sahar Hussain, M.A., Ed.M., MHC-LP
    Sahar Hussain, M.A., Ed.M., MHC-LPKIP Fellow

    Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) & Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Anxiety Disorders, OCD (including Pure-O), Perfectionism and Depression


  • Brandon Ouellette
    Brandon OuelletteKIP Intern

    LGBTQ, Sexual Identity, Masculinity, Sexuality, and Relationships

  • Nicholas Bensmiller
    Nicholas BensmillerKIP Intern

    LGBTQ, Sexual and Gender Identity, Sexuality, Multicultural Issues, Relationships, Masculinity, and Identity

  • Wale Okerayi
    Wale OkerayiKIP Intern

    Identity, Multicultural Issues, Relationships, Addictions, and Substance Abuse

  • Lisa Hochberger
    Lisa HochbergerKIP Graduate Intern

    Couples, Relationships, Sexuality, Sex and Technology, LGBTQ, Sexual and Gender Identity, and Fertility


  • Kristin B. Lyons, LMHC
      Kristin B. Lyons, LMHCKIP Consultant
    • Nicole Reiner M.A., Ed.M., LMHC
      Nicole Reiner M.A., Ed.M., LMHCKIP Consultant
    • Daniel Caffarel, LMHC
        Daniel Caffarel, LMHCKIP Consultant