Kip. team

senior staff and administration.

  • Ryan M. Kull, PhD
    Ryan M. Kull, PhDKIP Director and Chief Supervisor
  • Rachel Oliner, LMSW
    Rachel Oliner, LMSWOperations Manager
  • James Robinson, LCSW
    James Robinson, LCSWClinical Supervisor
  • Negar Morshedian, M.A., Ed.M., LMHC
    Negar Morshedian, M.A., Ed.M., LMHCClinical Supervisor

clinical team.

  • Aimee Thomas, LMSW
      Aimee Thomas, LMSW

      Depression, Anxiety, Self Esteem, Relationships, Identity, Sexuality, Trauma

    • Abby Friedman, MHC-LP
        Abby Friedman, MHC-LP

        Relationships, Couples, Gender and Sexuality, Women’s Health, Self Esteem, Life Transitions

      • Nicholas Rysyk, LMSW
        Nicholas Rysyk, LMSW

        LGBTQ, Sexual and Gender Identity, Couples, Addictions, and Substance Abuse

      • Laura Alexander, LMSW
          Laura Alexander, LMSW

          Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Adolescence, & Early Adulthood, Mind Body Awareness, Mindfulness, Meditation, Parenting, Identity, Immigration, Sexual Violence, Aging, Women’s Issues

        • Nicholas Bakalov, LMSW
            Nicholas Bakalov, LMSW

            Depression, Anxiety, Self-Injury, LGBTQ, Adolescents, Trauma, Intimate Partner Violence

          • Racquel Reid, LMSW
              Racquel Reid, LMSW

              LGBTQI populations, substance use and addictions, HIV+ and other chronic medical illnesses, severe mental illness

            • Selma Zaki, MHC-LP
                Selma Zaki, MHC-LP

                Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Multicultural and Identity related Issues, Existential Issues, Transitions and Adjustments, Self-esteem and Relationships

              • Afshan Rezwi, MHC-LP
                  Afshan Rezwi, MHC-LP
                  Multicultural Issues, Depression, Loss, Trauma, Personality Disorders
                • Jack Haines, MHC-LP
                    Jack Haines, MHC-LP

                    LGBTQ, Sexual and Gender Identity, Couples, Anxiety

                  • Joshua Halpenny- Nguyen, LMSW
                      Joshua Halpenny- Nguyen, LMSW

                      Sex and Sexuality, Relationships, Couples, Cultural and Ethnic Identities, Identity related Issues, Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Identities, LGBTQ

                    • Alexis Bleich, LMSW
                        Alexis Bleich, LMSW

                        Adolescence & Early Adulthood, Life Transitions, Women’s Issues, Parenting, Relationships, Anxiety, Intimate Partner Violence, Couples, Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Identities

                      • Lilia Epstein-Katz, LMSW
                          Lilia Epstein-Katz, LMSW

                          Relationships, family conflict, artists & performers, existential questions (spirituality & search for meaning), life transitions, sexual assault trauma, grief, infidelity, non-monogamy/polyamory

                        • Jared Bardugone
                            Jared Bardugone

                            Relationships, Gender Identity, LGBTQ, Trauma, Grief and Loss, Body Image

                          • KerriAnne Sejour
                              KerriAnne Sejour

                              Multicultural Issues, Identity, Relationships, Depression, Maternal Mental Health, Addictions and Substance Abuse

                            • Edward Yaeger
                                Edward Yaeger

                                Depression, Anxiety, LGBT, Addiction Disorders, Sex and Sexuality, Trauma, Aging, Life and Career Changes.

                              • Andrew Joseph
                                  Andrew Joseph

                                  Social Anxiety, Relationships, Spirituality and Meaning, Trauma, Self-Esteem

                                • Amy Potter
                                    Amy Potter

                                    Sex and Sexuality, LGBTQ, Relationships, Couples and alternative/non-traditional relationship structures, Maternal mental health, Parenting, Healing emotional wounds from childhood, Existential issues and Gestalt therapy

                                  • Jeffrey Adelson
                                      Jeffrey Adelson

                                      LGBT issues, alcohol and substance abuse/recovery, sex, gender, and sexual health, HIV/AIDS, and aging

                                    • Matthew Danis
                                        Matthew Danis

                                        Self-Esteem, LGBTQ, Anxiety, Adolescents, Relationship Issues, Multicultural/Immigration Issues, Trauma, Career and Workplace Issues

                                      • Catherine McCarthy
                                          Catherine McCarthy

                                          Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Mindfulness, Self Esteem, Adolescence & Early Adulthood

                                        • Allison David, LMSW
                                            Allison David, LMSW
                                          • Priya Puliyampet
                                              Priya Puliyampet

                                              Identity-related issues, Multicultural issues, Cultural and Ethnic Identities, Immigration and the Acculturation Process, Life transitions, Early/Emerging adulthood, Women’s issues, Trauma/Complex Trauma, and Personality disorders


                                            • Nicole Reiner, LMHC
                                              Nicole Reiner, LMHC
                                            • Nick Fager, LMHC
                                                Nick Fager, LMHC
                                              • Megan Murphy, LMHC
                                                  Megan Murphy, LMHCKIP Consultant
                                                • Sahar Hussain, LMHC
                                                    Sahar Hussain, LMHC
                                                  • Daniel Caffarel, LMHC
                                                      Daniel Caffarel, LMHC