Your phone consultation is free. After that, per session fees at KIP range from $40-$150. These fees are considerably lower than other private practice-based psychotherapy in New York City. We determine your fee based on the following criteria: what you can afford (based upon your household income and expenses), the type of treatment you are seeking, and your clinician’s level of experience and expertise.

Approximate fees:*

  • Interns: $45 per session
  • Fellows: Starting at $50 per session
  • Senior Fellows: Starting at $65 per session
  • Associate Clinicians: $100 per session

Insurance Because we currently do not participate in any insurance networks, we can offer fees that you would typically pay out of pocket for seeing a provider in network or out of network. While we cannot guarantee that your insurance will reimburse you on an out-of-network basis, we can help guide you in how to submit to your insurance plan.

Sessions and Payments   Sessions are 45-50 minutes long. Payments are due upon receipt of services. We accept credit/debit cards, checks, and cash. You will be charged for missed sessions that were not cancelled at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

*Fee ranges based upon clinician availability, client income, and appointment time