On A Difficult Day

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If today is a bad day for you, you are not alone.  What is a psychologically healthy way to deal with difficult news?

How do we reconcile that there are people who feel so differently than we do?

How do we begin to recover?

In Buddhist philosophy the view is that there is nowhere to go.  We have to stay right here with all that we feel.  We stay here in reality.  There is psychological wisdom in this.  In being able to sit close to our pain, our disappointment, we are building a stronger ability to tolerate sadness.  A faith in ourselves that we can handle difficulty, that we can be with difference without throwing rocks.

We have a chance today to grow and to feel good about what we are putting out into the world.

It might be a good day to talk less.  It might be a good day to find your loved ones and be close to them.  It might be a good day to be the thing that you are looking for.  This is always created within.

The KIP Team

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