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Food. Sex. Power. A Weekly Group for Women.   · Kull Initiative for Psychotherapy

Food. Sex. Power. A Weekly Group for Women.  

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“I am deliberate and afraid of nothing”

-Audre Lorde

Our new KIP group, Women Talk About Food, Sex and Power is a forum for all who identify as women to come together and light a fire for personal and collective change.  The group format provides a safe environment to be bravely truthful, to experience compassion, and to inspire one another to create new thoughts and new actions. 



There is a lot of discontent out there.  It feels energizing and clarifying.  With important issues, especially ones that involve change, I know to look at myself first.

 Ask yourself, where am I feeling discontent?  Where am I feeling powerless? How do I want to feel differently?

If I can look closely at the ways I’m engaging in my own belief in powerlessness I can begin to create something different.

What does empowerment mean to you?  

Maybe it’s time to get closer to understanding your relationship with food, or sex, or maybe it’s time to voice the fear that is holding you back from your most abundant life.

For me, empowerment means being unafraid to tell the truth of what I know and what I feel.  It means being able to ask for what I want and need, while knowing I may not get it.  It’s easy to fall asleep in these endeavors and to wake up feeling, well… lacking personal power.

Here at KIP we know that we thrive with connection.  I hope you will join us!

Megan Murphy, KIP Fellow

  • Tuesday Nights at 7:30 Beginning February 28

  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn Location

  • Commitment is Personally Powerful, but not Required 

To sign up and for further information please contact







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