Welcome to KIP, the Kull Initiative for Psychotherapy!

KIP, founded in 2013, was developed to advance the field of psychotherapy to meet the needs and demands of the 21st century mental health consumer AND practitioner. KIP’s mission is guided by three main principles:

  • Provide training, education, and supervision for emerging psychotherapists
  • Provide affordable psychotherapy services to the community
  • Make important contributions to the psychotherapy field by generating new knowledge about the psychotherapeutic process and its effectivenes

The KIP Clinic was developed in response to the changing landscape of mental health care and the specific needs of contemporary consumers of psychotherapy. The KIP Clinic provides affordable, accessible, and high-quality psychotherapy that is grounded in empirical and practical knowledge. KIP’s commitment to understanding and implementing the necessary ingredients for psychotherapeutic success that is driven by both practice and research makes us unique. The core of KIP’s philosophy, the value of the therapeutic relationship in achieving clinical success, is reflected in our mission to describe, measure, and evaluate the therapeutic relationship in our practice, training, and research.

Over the past several years, so many mental health graduate students entering the job market have told me about the challenges they face in finding solid training and practical experience in becoming a psychotherapist.  Our KIP training program–which includes our KIP Fellowship and internships for Columbia and New York University students–was developed specifically in response to this growing demand. KIP is able to provide low-cost services in part because KIP’s Fellows and Interns are talented, emerging practitioners dedicating themselves to work tirelessly towards the development of knowledge, skills, and experience to become competent and successful psychotherapists. I am proud of the talent, motivation, and skill among our team: in addition to their general skills as clinicians, we have specialists in mindfulness-based approaches, practice with LGBT individuals, cognitive therapies for OCD and panic disorder, and psychotherapy for substance abuse.

KIP is also taking a fresh new approach to how the mental health field communicates with the general public about issues affecting our mental health, happiness, and well-being. By optimizing our use of current technologies and speaking to you in an honest, straightforward manner, we hope to make information and knowledge about mental health more accessible and down-to-earth than what one normally experiences and expects from experts in the field. Whether you are reading one of our blogs, following us on twitter or instagram, or attending one of our workshops or groups, we hope that your experience with us helps to reduce the stigma associated with conversations about mental health and starts you on a path towards a richer and fuller life.

Ryan M. Kull, PhD

KIP Director


Your Needs First

KIP recognizes that the foundation of any successful psychotherapy treatment is the quality of the relationship with your provider. At the core of KIP associates’ intensive, on-going training is how to listen, evaluate, and respond to your needs as both a person and client. Beginning with your first consultation and thorough assessment with us we gather the necessary information to track your progress, and clarify what you are struggling with, what your needs are, and how you want to grow and change. We then match you with a KIP clinician who can best work with your needs.

Sliding Scale Services

We will work with you to come up with a fee that fits with your budget and needs. Our fees are determined during your intake, and are based upon your annual household income, the type of treatment and services you are seeking, and the expertise of your provider.

Treatment Options

At KIP we believe that clients should have options. We have a highly diverse team, with a wide range of backgrounds, specializations, and expertise. Whether you are seeking cognitive-behavioral treatment for anxiety and stress, support for sexual and gender identity-related concerns (i.e., LGBTQ), couple treatment to resolve relationship conflicts, or a provider with whom you feel comfortable based on their own racial, ethnic, sexual, or gender identity, you have options at KIP. 

A Collaborative Approach

KIP is not your typical mental health clinic. KIP sees you, the client, as part of a community where we are attuned to your ongoing, personal needs. We ensure that our clinicians have manageable caseloads so that they can focus on each of their client’s needs, and we all meet with you in our comfortable and sophisticated Upper West Side offices. KIP team-members meet weekly to evaluate their progress with our clients, and work tirelessly to grow and evolve with the changing needs of consumers and emerging mental health research.