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8 Podcasts You Need to Listen to on V-Day · Kull Initiative for Psychotherapy

8 Podcasts You Need to Listen to on V-Day

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Podcasts on Love from a Podcast Addict

I love stories, which may be why I became a therapist. One of my favorite ways to get stories is by listening to podcasts. A good podcast can be inspiring, thought provoking, and even soothing. I listen to them when I’m cooking at home, working out, commuting to work, and many other times in between. It never gets old – there are new episodes every day – and it’s all for free!

As a therapist who focuses on intimacy and relationships, I’m particularly drawn to podcasts about love. Since love is probably on your mind (and in your face) this February, I wanted to share some of my favorite episodes about falling in love, falling out of love, and all the messy things that come in between.


Here are 8 podcasts to listen to this Valentine’s Day:

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Strangers: “Falling Slowly”

The Strangers brings you true stories about connecting to others. This episode is about love and letting go, and what happens in those moments when we get closer to someone else and at the same time fear that we are losing ourselves.

Love + Radio: “A Girl of Ivory”

We all know how easy it is to judge and criticize people, especially when their perspectives are different and unfamiliar. Love + Radio does a beautiful job of pushing its listeners to broaden their understanding of others. This particular episode blew me away and helped me understand a kind of love I didn’t even know existed.

The Heart: “Fu*k Love”

I have many favorites from this smart podcast about sex, our bodies, and queer love, so this was a hard pick. This episode challenges our notions about love. What is the connection, if any, between love and marriage?

Death, Sex, & Money: “Chaz Ebert on Life Without Roger”

Can human connection and love persist beyond human life? This episode shares a beautiful story about love and loss between an unlikely pair: a White, Catholic film critic and television star and a Black lawyer and mother with a proud history as a civil rights activist.

Heavyweight: “Galit”  

When you break up with someone, where does the love go? Do you ever wonder if a past relationship changed your ex-partner as much as it changed you? Jonathan is the brave producer who does what many of us may have thought about doing, and records it. In this episode, Jonathan and an ex-girlfriend meet up after several decades to talk about their relationship and their breakup.

Modern Love: “Just Friends?

Humor can be a good way to deal with the pain of a broken heart, and this episode does just that. This is one that will resonate with many (it did with me) who know what is like to sit glued to a phone, analyzing texts after a breakup for a sign, any sign, that he or she wants you back.

On Being: “Helen Fisher: Love and Sex and Attachment”

In this eye-opening episode, anthropologist, researcher, and love expert, Helen Fisher, talks about what happens to our brains when we fall in love and why sometimes being in love can feel like a kind of madness. Listen to this one to feel better about your moments (or days) of acting completely irrational and crazy in a new relationship.

Dear Sugar: “The Infidelity Episodes”

People cheat…but we don’t always hear from different sides. In Part One of the three-part series, the Sugars talk about the experiences of those betrayed by their partners. In Part Two, they delve into the experiences of those on the other side, the “betrayers”. And finally, in Part Three, they are joined with relationship therapist, Esther Perel, who talks about why cheating happens.


Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments section below!


Negar Morshedian, M.A., ED.M., MHC-LP
KIP Senior Fellow & Marketing Coordinator

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